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With SITI SourceSharp™, associations, colleges, universities, newspapers and web portals can deploy an effective job board at the lowest total cost of ownership. If you already have an established web community of common interests, whether by profession, affiliation, or location you have an excellent opportunity to provide a value-added service with your own job board.

Why create a Job Board?

  • Provide a valued service to your members and online community.
  • Increase traffic to your site and exposure to your other services.
The unique value of SourceSharp

  • A World Class Job Board Solution - SourceSharp gives your organization a job board with all the important features one would expect from an industry leading job board.
  • Easy Management- Managing your job board is a snap with SourceSharp. It is easy to monitor and modify through a simple web interface.
  • Advanced Customization - SourceSharp is mapped to your web site's look and completely integrated with your IT infrastructure. In addition, each customer can adapt SourceSharp to its own industry or profession by defining custom fields for information capture and searching.
Value to member Employers:

Employers face unique problems. In a crowded employment market, it is no simple task to find the right candidates in a short period of time. Premium job boards provide large volumes of unqualified candidate profiles and external recruiters can prove to be very expensive.

Although corporations assign higher value to resumes received through references, it is difficult to make this process efficient. The key to effective recruiting is to reach out to industry specific associations for faster results, and SourceSharp is the proven industry leading solution that makes it possible to do so.

With SourceSharp, employers can:

  • Receive better-qualified targeted applications from a job board customized to the employer's industry/profession
  • Significantly reduce the time to hire with easy-to-use tools, advanced search features and email search agents
  • Meet their human capital requirements at a fraction of the cost compared to premium job boards and external recruiters
Value to member Job Seekers:

Applying via industry and profession specific associations truly places the job seekers resumes in front of the decision makers, something premium job boards or even the corporate websites cannot promise.

Networking has been proven to be the most effective means of finding your dream career, yet networking is not the most efficient means to do so. SourceSharp revolutionizes traditional networking by providing a web-based solution for associations that eases the job search effort. With SourceSharp, job seekers can efficiently reach their existing network and instantly expand their network multifold.

With SourceSharp, job seekers can:

  • Find their next dream job faster by accessing specific targeted job boards
  • Effectively leverage their existing network and instantly expand their network
  • With advanced privacy features, job seekers can limit the visibility to their resumes by determining which industries or companies can view their resumes.
  SITI SourceSharp has created the first and only job board in the market exclusively catering to emerging companies and entrepreneurs. With TiE Job Board, now our members get faster targeted results
- Shankar Munippa
Director Technology, TiE
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