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What are SITI On Demand Services?
SITI On Demand Services offers wide range of services from sourcing, screening, background checking to full-cycle recruiting. These services are delivered by dedicated experienced sourcing, screening and recruiting experts who work as an “extended team” for your recruiting department. SITI recruiters represent and promote your company to candidates and clients. SITI On Demand services are offered at a monthly flat fee basis without any long-term contractual commitments. SITI is not a staffing/recruiting agency which charges significant fees increasing recruiting costs.
What is included in SITI On Demand Services?
SITI OnDemand Services are offered at a monthly flat-fee which includes a dedicated experienced personnel and the required infrastructure required for the personnel to function including access to job boards such as Monster, HotJobs, Dice and others, on-line SITI Application Tracking System account for your company to keep track of all recruitment. SITI recruiters work from our recruitment centers bringing you the expertise and the experience needed to quickly increase the efficiency of your recruiting department while dramatically lowering your recruiting costs.
What is difference between SITI and a staffing agency or search firm?

SITI is not a staffing agency or a search firm which charges fees per position. Hiring SITI On Demand Services is similar to hiring contract recruiters or sourcing professionals along with the added advantage of getting them onboard with the required infrastructure such as hardware, software, applicant tracking system, job boards subscription, office, phone, internet and other facilities.

How much is the monthly fee for SITI On Demand Services?

SITI On Demand Services provide significant cost advantage to our customer. Our services range from $1500 per month retainer fee for sourcing services to higher fees based on the level of function in recruiting.

What kind of companies hire SITI On Demand Services?

Many staffing companies as well as staffing departments of hi-tech, semiconductors, software, manufacturing, financial services and other sectors are benefiting from SITI On Demand Services. Most companies hire SITI services for the following reasons a) need to increase recruiting bandwidth for long-term business scalability b) experiencing an increase in recruitment demands and do not have the bandwidth/time to hire and train recruiters c) need to improve quality of recruitment d) experiencing recruitment budget pressures on and like to effectively increase recruiting bandwidth while lowering costs e) looking to improve your profits.

What is your advantage with SITI On Demand Services?

SITI delivers the high performance recruiting advantage with a unique combination of four factors - people, process, technology and cost-model – an advantage you cannot get from in-house employees, contract recruiters or agencies. You can increase your recruiting performance multiplied by several times in fraction of costs involved with employees, contract hires or agencies. SITI delivers the results - better talent, faster hiring and lower costs.

How does SITI deliver the promise of high performance recruiting?
SITI recruiters have rich recruiting experience and are professionally trained for high quality recruitment delivering you instant high performance. SITI recruiting centers focus on high efficiency recruiting with a specialized SITI Recruiting Methodology (SRM). SRM consists of well-defined specialized processes of job requisition management, developing passive candidate databases, marketing to candidates, pre-screening templates and methodology, resume analysis, sophisticated sourcing techniques and others that provide advantage in recruiting. SITI continuously invests in cutting edge tools to enable high performance for our recruiters. This includes latest technology tools for sourcing, screening, applicant tracking and performance monitoring. Further, the blended global operations model of multiple recruiting centers across the world, SITI delivers the cost advantage right to your bottom-line.
Where are SITI recruiting centers located?

SITI recruiting centers are located in California, USA and in Hyderabad, India. SITI recruiting centers are supervised by highly talented and experienced recruiting managers and are equipped with state-of-the art infrastructure, hardware, software, phone and internet facilities.

What are business facts of SITI?

SITI has been in business since 2002 . We have served over 100 customers across multiple industries and businesses that are primarily based in US. Our management team and Advisory Board includes seasoned business executives with strong background and experience in recruiting and human capital management both in corporate and agencies.

How can I get started on SITI On Demand Services?

Please call 1-888-SITI-HIRE or connect to us online at www.siti.com/ondemand.  SITI account manager will contact you within 24 hours and will connect you to our recruiters and recruiting managers for more information as well as to our customers for references.

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