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Recruitsharp automates, streamlines and simplifies every facet of the recruitment process. With Requisition Management System, Candidate Management System, Staffing Vendor Management System and Intelligence System, Recruitsharp is the industry's most robust offerings.

Whether you're an HR Professional, a Recruiter or a Hiring Manager, Recruitsharp will:

  • Accelerate the hiring process
  • Save administrative, advertising and agencies' costs
  • Gain total visibility into your recruitment processes
  • Ensure fair hiring practices and comply with EEO and AA regulations
Requisition Management System
  • Quick requisitions: Create requisitions faster using predefined job descriptions
  • Reduce administrative burdens: Automate requisition approval process and lift administrative burdens such as paperwork, document storage and email tracking
  • One click posting: Requisition Quick-Post™ to Major Job Boards and Corporate web site
  • Visibility: View applicant status in the hiring process with applicant tracking
  • Faster hiring: Real-time responses result in faster hiring
  • Improve communications: With easy online collaboration and up-to-date status, internal communications are dramatically improved
  • Eliminate bottlenecks: Monitor requisition activity to identify issues requiring proactive management
Candidate Management System
  • Quick results: Maintain central repository of candidates for local search
  • Larger talent pool: Multi-channel sourcing captures candidates from your corporate website, external job boards, employee referrals and career fares
  • Regulatory compliance: Save all communications and notes for candidates
  • Short listed Results: Candidate Auto-Rank™ shortlist's and ranks candidates based on weighted prescreen questions
  • Visibility: view applicant status in the hiring process with applicant tracking
  • Easy communications: Integrated Email client enables automated acknowledgement emails and custom emails for interview scheduling and offers
Staffing Vendor Management System
  • Manage vendors: A single view into all vendor activities and performance
  • Expedite hiring of urgent positions: Restrict outsourcing to preferred vendors and
  • Selective access: Prevent unsolicited submissions
  • Reduce duplication: Stop vendors from submitting duplicate candidates
  • Ranks vendor response: Time stamps clearly identify which vendor first submitted a candidate
  • Reduce administrative burden: Coordinate online with all vendors via a web-based system and eliminate wasted time answering telephone and email enquiries.
Intelligence System
  • Monitor: Allows monitoring the effectiveness and costs of recruiting processes
  • Report: Get instant, on-demand graphical standard and custom reports on key staffing metrics such as performance, time, expense, vendors and compliance
  • Analyze and Plan: Perform proactive workforce planning and align people and processes with goals
  • Reminders: Automated email alerts for specified criteria
  • Forecast: Forecast human capital requirement based on past performance
  I rely on my SITI team everyday i am now able to fill more jobs, with better candidates and very cost effectively than before
- Vice President of Recruiting
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